VSEE HIPAA Compliant Video Messenger

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a series of 50 minute sessions held via a secure online chat.  Similar to office sessions, we will schedule a first consultation session. In this initial session you get to experience working with me and decide whether you feel we have a connection and would like to continue working together.

Is Online Therapy As Effective As In Person Therapy?

A systematic review done by the National Institute of Health in 2017 showed that online therapy is comparable it its effectiveness to in person therapy: “Telemental health care can provide effective and adaptable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally. While being comparable to in-person services, telemental health care is particularly advantageous and inexpensive through the use of current technologies and adaptable designs, especially in isolated communities.”

For a systematic review of Telemental Healthcare please refer the following article.

Is Online Therapy a Good fit for Me?

Online therapy is a good option to consider if you cannot travel (for various reasons e.g. busy schedule, living in a remote area, etc.) to a private practice. Some therapies are online for the entire course of the treatment and some involve session online with in person sessions at my practice. If you reside in California therapy will be conducted online entirely as I reside in Israel.

What kind of setup is required for Online Therapy?

To conduct online therapy you need a computer, webcam, and a fast internet connection. It is important to find a time and location that would allow for complete privacy. For detailed technical information about the secure video platform used for online sessions refer to the VSee website.

How can we schedule a call ?

Contact details and business hours are on the contact form

What are your office hours?

Because of the time difference (Israel is 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time) my hours are outside of normal (California) business hours, and as such you may find them more accommodating. I work Saturday through Wednesday from 9PM (PST).